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Towards gender balance in corporate governance bodies

France - March 28 2022 The law to speed up economic and professional equality, known as the Rixain law, adopted on December 24, 2021, constitutes one more step towards…

Nathaly Blin, Julie Caussade, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni

The impact of the law on climate disruption in employment law

European Union - October 14 2021 Law No. 2021-1104 of August 22, 2021 on the fight against climate disruption and reinforcing resilience to its effects introduced provisions in the…

Nathaly Blin, Julie Caussade, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni

Professional meetings must necessarily be conducted by June 30, 2021 at the latest

European Union - May 19 2021 This meeting is not a review of the employee’s work; it is devoted to the employee’s career development opportunities, notably in terms of…

Nathaly Blin, Julie Caussade, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni

Recent ECJ Judgement on daily working time’s measurement - an overview on the current situation in Europe

Belgium, Czech Republic, European Union, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine - June 13 2019 In its judgement issued on May 14, 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) states that all companies operating in EU member states must set up a…

Ryan Carthew, Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek, Tomáš Bílek, Marina Ryzhkova, Juan Ignacio Alonso, Davide Boffi, Tiberiu Csaki, Dr. Markus Diepold, Christel Dumont, Anita Horváth, Linda Mendelová, Yolande Meyvis, Volodymyr Monastyrskyy, Eugenie Nunes

Employment Alert - February 2018

France - February 15 2018 Through recent case law, the French Supreme Court recalled to employers their obligations in a situation of…

Nathaly Blin, Julie Caussade, Aurélie Fournier, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni, Francois Troadec