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Recent ECJ Judgement on daily working time’s measurement - an overview on the current situation in Europe

Belgium, Czech Republic, European Union, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine - June 13 2019 In its judgement issued on May 14, 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) states that all companies operating in EU member states must set up a…

Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek, Anita Horváth, Christel Dumont, Davide Boffi, Dr. Markus Diepold, Eugenie Nunes, Juan Ignacio Alonso, Linda Mendelová, Marina Ryzhkova, Ryan Carthew, Tiberiu Csaki, Tomáš Bílek, Volodymyr Monastyrskyy, Yolande Meyvis.

Employment Alert - February 2018

France - February 15 2018 Through recent case law, the French Supreme Court recalled to employers their obligations in a situation of…

Aurélie Fournier, Clarisse Lister, Francois Troadec, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni, Julie Caussade, Nathaly Blin.

The legal framework of teleworking has been modified (Macron Order No. 2017-1387 on the predictability and securing of employment relations).

France - December 19 2017 The reform of the legal framework of teleworking, effective since September 24, 2017, is the opportunity to review your teleworking policy to ensure…

Aurélie Fournier, Christine Sévère, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni, Julie Caussade.

The risk's of co-employment liability in France

France - August 17 2016 Against a background of financial crisis and corporate restructurings, French workers have taken to the ramparts. Employees dismissed "for economic…

Mise en conformité des contrats frais de santé avec le nouveau cadre des contrats « responsables » au 1er avril 2015

France - March 25 2015 Le nouveau cadre des contrats « responsables » a été fixé par loi de financement de la sécurité sociale pour 2014 modifiée par la loi rectificative…

Christine Sévère, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni, Julie Caussade.