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The employer's responsibility for the transportation costs of its employees

France - October 26 2022 Whether mandatory or optional, the provisions for covering home-workplace transport costs have been made more flexible in the amended finance law for…

Nathaly Blin, Katell Deniel-Allioux, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni

Towards gender balance in corporate governance bodies

France - March 28 2022 The law to speed up economic and professional equality, known as the Rixain law, adopted on December 24, 2021, constitutes one more step towards…

Nathaly Blin, Katell Deniel-Allioux, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni

Access to employee files the ECHR validates the position of the Supreme Court

European Union, France - March 15 2018 The European Court of Human Rights validates the French position by ruling that the employer may freely consult a file that is not identified as…

Nathaly Blin, Clarisse Lister

La clause de non-concurrence

France - January 30 2014 La clause de non-concurrence limitee au secteur d'activite des six derniers mois au sein duquel le salarie a travaille est…

Katell Deniel-Allioux, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni

Employment Alert - February 2018

France - February 15 2018 Through recent case law, the French Supreme Court recalled to employers their obligations in a situation of…

Nathaly Blin, Katell Deniel-Allioux, Aurélie Fournier, Clarisse Lister, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni, Francois Troadec