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"Last man standing" pension schemes - Pension Protection Fund levies

United Kingdom - May 7 2015 Trustees of defined benefit pension schemes which claim to be "Last Man Standing Schemes" for Pension Protection Fund risk based levy calculation…

Andrew Patten

Top 10 issues with auto-enrolment

United Kingdom - December 18 2013 One benefit of staged auto-enrolment (AE) implementation is that small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can benefit from the lessons learned by…

Ryan Carthew, Elmer Doonan, Simon Whysall

Restricting employment benefits to married people is direct discrimination

European Union, France, United Kingdom - February 10 2014 Under European law, the EU Directive 2000/78/EC (the Directive) provides a general framework to combat discrimination on the grounds of religion or…

Elmer Doonan, Alan Jarvis, Andrew Patten

UK pensions: summer round-up

United Kingdom - September 11 2012 This summer has seen several pension issues making the news.

Elmer Doonan, Harriet Fletcher, Alan Jarvis, Andrew Patten

Budget 2016 - a Trojan horse called LISA

United Kingdom - March 30 2016 The Chancellor appears to be a big fan of the first law of stage magic - get the audience looking the wrong way. After all the sound and fury about…