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New Model Iranian Petroleum Contract

Iran - April 4 2016 As we look forward to the release of the new model Iranian Petroleum Contract, Dentons' oil and gas partners James Dallas and Alistair Black analyse…

Alistair Black, James Dallas, Ramin Hariri, Christopher McGee-Osborne, Charles Wood

Outlook for the Nigerian oil and gas market

Nigeria - September 15 2015 Nigeria needs to do more to promote the gas industry so that it becomes an integrated oil and gas producing country that generates as much revenue…

Danielle Beggs, Raj Kulasingam, Tim Pipe, David Tennant

Financing of North Sea oil and gas – a restructuring and insolvency perspective

United Kingdom - March 31 2015 Until recently, there was little call for restructuring and turnaround specialists in the UK to focus on the oil and gas industry. That has now…

Byron Nurse

Oil and gas: troubled times

United Kingdom - October 21 2014 The slump in the oil price means oil and gas companies are no longer insulated from the impacts of the economic downturn. We now find ourselves…

Nigel Barnett, Danielle Beggs, Neil Griffiths

North Sea M&A: recent trends

United Kingdom - September 11 2014 The offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea is experiencing a defining period in its history. The implementation of the Wood Review brings…

Martin Kitchen, Danielle Beggs, Sam Boileau, Jeremy Cohen, John Stockdale