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Cameroon: oil and gas licensing round

Cameroon - May 31 2013 The Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures, the national oil company of Cameroon, announced earlier in the year a new licensing round for five onshore…

Danielle Beggs, Lucille De Silva, David Tennant

COVID-19 and force majeure positions on Oil & Gas industry standard agreements

United Kingdom - March 31 2020 The consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak for the energy sector have been wide reaching, with issues such as workers self-isolating, rig closures and…

Kenny Paton, Daniel Saville, Yun Wei

Chinese solar panels: EU imports must now be registered and may be subject to tariffs

China, European Union - March 8 2013 Commission Regulation (EU) No 1822013 of 1 March 2013 (the Commission Regulation) made imports into the European Union (the EU) of solar panels or…

Alex Haffner, Lucille De Silva, Sarah Zeng

Kenya: oil and gas update

Kenya - March 4 2013 Kenya has become a place of active and serious interest to oil and gas companies large and small. The numerous gas discoveries in Kenya are well…

Danielle Beggs, John Stockdale

Myanmar open for business: oil and gas offshore licensing round

Myanmar - May 29 2013 Following the suspension of sanctions in respect of Myanmar by various jurisdictions, including the European Union and the United States, and the…

Markus Blenntoft, Danielle Beggs, Lucille De Silva