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Proposed extension of obligations under the OGA strategy: beyond MER UK?

United Kingdom - July 20 2020 The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has enthusiastically adopted the "net zero" agenda in the changes that it is proposing to make to the strategy that…

Adam Brown, Kenny Paton, Michael Walton

COVID-19, force majeure under English law, and possible domino effects in the oil and gas industry

United Kingdom - May 4 2020 In a previous article we looked at the potential availability of force majeure relief from the impacts of COVID-19 under some standard oil and gas…

Danielle Beggs, Charles Wood

Oil and gas under pressure, part 2: the sector-specific (regulatory) perspective

United Kingdom - April 20 2020 The first article in this series looked in general terms at the scale of the current crisis in the oil and gas industry, and some of the implications…

Danielle Beggs, Kenny Paton, Christopher Thomson

COVID-19 and force majeure positions on Oil & Gas industry standard agreements

United Kingdom - March 31 2020 The consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak for the energy sector have been wide reaching, with issues such as workers self-isolating, rig closures and…

Kenny Paton, Daniel Saville, Yun Wei

Rig to reef - a realistic choice?

United Kingdom - April 5 2017 Shell has presented its plan for decommissioning the Brent oil and gas field to the UK Government. The Brent field is a 50/50 Joint Venture between…

Danielle Beggs, Helen Bowdren