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2018 Georgia Legislative Session Preview

USA - January 8 2018 After clearing the cobwebs from the General Assembly's levers of power, Georgia lawmakers arriving in Atlanta today will find no shortage of thorny…

Dan Baskerville, Virgil Fludd, Edward H. Lindsey Jr., Elmer Stancil

US Policy Scan 2018

USA - January 3 2018 On behalf of Dentons’ US public policy practice, we’re delighted to present Policy Scan 2018, a comprehensive crystal ball for the New Year’s policy…

Michael E. Zolandz, Thurbert Baker, Gordon D. Giffin, Scotty (Maryscott) Greenwood, John R. Russell IV, Sander Lurie, V. Heather Sibbison

2017 Election Recap and Analysis

USA - November 8 2017 One year after brash businessman Donald Trump stunned the Washington political-media complex, his party suffered stinging down-ballot defeats, losing…

John R. Russell IV

2017 Election Preview

USA - October 31 2017 Even as the Washington political-media complex remains acutely preoccupied with a now year-old election, voters in eight states will determine the…

John R. Russell IV

US Senate Commerce Committee Marks up and Passes Autonomous Vehicles Bill

USA - October 5 2017 The US Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation (the Committee) yesterday marked up and passed bipartisan legislation, S.1885, the AV…

Andrew Shaw, Jon D. Sohn