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OFT publishes annual plan

United Kingdom - March 30 2012 OFT has published its annual plan.

Andrew Barber

FSA reminds small e-money issuers of end of transition

United Kingdom - March 30 2012 FSA has reminded small Electronic Money Issuers that they will need to apply either to be authorised or to be registered as small Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), when the transitional period for implementation of the E-money Directive changes expires at the end of April.

Andrew Barber

FSA feeds back on adviser charging

United Kingdom - March 30 2012 FSA has published a feedback statement on its proposals to make changes to its rules to:.

Andrew Barber

New banking bill in Parliament

United Kingdom - March 30 2012 The Banking (Disclosure, Responsibility and Education) Bill 2010-12 was introduced to Parliament on 27 March 2012.

Payments Council publishes its latest newsletter

United Kingdom - March 30 2012 It covers market research on account switching, payments in the charity sector, the decrease in payment fraud losses and research on the impact of closing the Cheque Guarantee Card Scheme.

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