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Tenants who move under cover of darkness: Using the Bulk Sales Act to recoup losses incurred at the hands of rogue tenants

Canada - June 20 2016 Retail landlords may have a powerful statutory remedy against defaulting retail tenants who sell all or substantially all of their goods and…

Kathryn McCulloch

Discharge of contaminants into the environment: "when in doubt, report"

Canada - November 5 2013 Companies should carefully heed the Supreme Court of Canada's recent warning to promptly report the discharge of contaminants to the Ministry of the…

Amer Pasalic

Former Northstar directors and officers reach settlement with Ministry of the Environment

Canada - October 29 2013 Directors and officers beware. Former directors and officers of bankrupt companies can now be found liable to pay clean-up costs for contaminated…

Nalin Sahni

Environmental Review Tribunal rejects first renewable energy approval

Canada - July 30 2013 Summary On July 3, 2013, the Environmental Review Tribunal ("ERT") granted the first successful appeal of a Renewable Energy Approval ("REA") and…

Nalin Sahni

Arbitration of environmental disputes

Canada - February 6 2012 For commercial dispute resolution arbitration has become the preferred solution that provides a fast, efficient and commercially appropriate approach to resolving complicated disputes in a reasonable timeframe.