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The Oil and Gas Authority's (OGA) Net Zero Goals: Hydrogen

United Kingdom - October 23 2020 This article continues our series "The Oil and Gas Authority's (OGA) Net Zero Goals", which provides further analyses of the general themes…

Anita Oluyede, Daniel Saville, David Tennant

Offshore wind and renewables in the UK: synergies on the way to Net Zero?

United Kingdom - August 19 2020 As the UK pursues a goal of "Net Zero" greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the UK's Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has been focusing on "integrating" the…

Adam Brown, Ciaran McIlwham, David Murray, Michael Walton

Recap on penalties under English law

United Kingdom - July 20 2020 In the current climate, the only certainty is that we live in uncertain times. As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to interrupt the…

Dan Bodle, James Langley, Liam O’Flynn, Liz Tout, Matthew Vinall

The OGA's Net Zero Goals: in-depth view of CCS and the upstream industry

United Kingdom - July 9 2020 Our previous article (Evolution of Oil & Gas: The OGA's Net Zero Goals) looked at the general themes of (i) platform electrification, gas-to-wire and…

Maurice Katsigazi, Liam O’Flynn, Kenny Paton, Christopher Thomson, Wei Wei

Evolution of Oil & Gas: The OGA's Net Zero Goals

United Kingdom - June 22 2020 In an earlier article (The OGA in Energy Transition: UK aims for upstream oil and gas regulation in line with "net zero" goals) we…

Torquil Law, Kenny Paton, Christopher Thomson