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The Oil and Gas Authority's (OGA) Net Zero Goals: Hydrogen

United Kingdom - October 23 2020 This article continues our series "The Oil and Gas Authority's (OGA) Net Zero Goals", which provides further analyses of the general themes…

Danielle Beggs, Anita Oluyede, David Tennant

Oil and gas under pressure, part 3: contractual issues and commercial opportunities

United Kingdom - April 22 2020 After looking at the current crisis in the oil and gas industry from a global and financial perspective and through the lens of sectoral regulation…

Ian Fox, Luci Mitchell-Fry, Kenny Paton

COVID-19 and force majeure positions on Oil & Gas industry standard agreements

United Kingdom - March 31 2020 The consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak for the energy sector have been wide reaching, with issues such as workers self-isolating, rig closures and…

Humphrey Douglas, Kenny Paton, Yun Wei