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Court of Appeal looks past unregistered trading in ordering payment to investment finder

Canada, USA - November 16 2017 For many junior resource company executives, deciding whether to engage investment “finders” can be like considering whether to breathe air. Such…

Cathy (Catherine) E. Wade, Brian E Abraham

New capital raising initiatives for start-up businesses in Alberta

Canada - November 14 2016 The Alberta Securities Commission (the ASC) has recently announced two initiatives intended to make it easier for Alberta businesses to access small…

Richard Steed

Rush to conflict: Hurried transaction fails after British Columbia court finds conflicts of interest

Canada - March 30 2016 Conflicts of interest in corporate transactions can present thorny issues for directors, management and their advisors. A British Columbia company…

Gary R. Sollis

New crowdfunding regime implemented, existing start-up crowdfunding rules amended

Canada - January 26 2016 On January 25, 2016, five provinces implemented rules aimed at facilitating small investments made through online portals, a practice known as…

Sebastian Elawny, Andrea C. Johnson, Jason A. Saltzman, Mike (Michael) M. Stephens

New crowdfunding regime adopted by five provinces

Canada - November 24 2015 On November 5, 2015, securities regulators in five provinces published in final form Multilateral Instrument 45-108 Crowdfunding (MI 45-108) setting…

Sebastian Elawny, Andrea C. Johnson, Jason A. Saltzman, Mike (Michael) M. Stephens