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Supply chain concerns: Lithuania

European Union, Lithuania - March 8 2022 Global supply chains are operating in an increasingly pressured and regulated environment. In this note, we discuss the unique challenges currently…

Tim Constable

Top Contract Law Cases of 2021 for Scots lawyers

United Kingdom - January 19 2022 Welcome to our annual summary of 2021's top contract law cases from north and south of the border for Scots lawyers. Liquidated damages Triple Point…

Douglas Blyth, Fiona Caldow, Malcolm Gunnyeon

Supreme Court rejects claimant's right to bring representative action against Google

United Kingdom - November 11 2021 The Supreme Court has held that Richard Lloyd, a prominent advocate of consumer rights, is not entitled to bring proceedings against Google LLC on…

Simon Elliott, Felicity Ewing, Nick Graham, Craig Neilson, Antonis Patrikios

Combatting tax evasion and bribery in the new normal

United Kingdom - October 6 2020 You are an online retail business. In some parts of the country, you use local logistics firms to deliver goods to your customers. One of those firms…

Daren Allen, Marija Brackovic, Craig Neilson

Scotland: Proof that proofs are possible in a pandemic

United Kingdom - September 25 2020 Our Dispute Resolution team in Scotland has today completed the last day of evidence in the first proof to physically take place in the Court of…

Katy MacAskill