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Making early hydrogen projects investable

United Kingdom - March 1 2021 Low carbon hydrogen has assumed a central role in the net zero plans of the UK, the EU and others. But how can early hydrogen projects be made…

Charles July, David Tennant, Anna Tostevin, Martin Watt

Hydrogen blending in the GB grid

United Kingdom - October 21 2020 It is now widely recognised that hydrogen, blue or green,1 may make a substantial contribution to achieving "net zero" greenhouse gas emissions…

Anna Tostevin Leiwe, David Tennant

COVID-19, force majeure under English law, and possible domino effects in the oil and gas industry

United Kingdom - May 4 2020 In a previous article we looked at the potential availability of force majeure relief from the impacts of COVID-19 under some standard oil and gas…

Danielle Beggs, Humphrey Douglas

The development and financing of LNG-to-Power projects

Global - April 19 2017 The development of the global LNG market and the commoditisation of hitherto expensive floating storage Technology (both FSUs and FSRUs)…

Mark Armitage, Danielle Beggs, Alistair Black, Chevonese Gilhooly, David Tennant, Chris Thomson, Anna Tostevin

Brexit: Energy market and energy policy issues

European Union, United Kingdom - July 27 2016 Many EU and UK energy policies are closely aligned (see graphic). In many respects, the UK has taken the lead in shaping EU energy policy, with its…

Danielle Beggs, Charles July, Lucille De Silva