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Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe Dentons’ Guide 2021

European Union - March 25 2021 Dentons Europe is delighted to present the 2021 edition of our Guide to investing in renewable energy projects in Europe. Our publication grows in…

Michal Motylewski, Agnieszka Kulinska, Barlas Balcioglu, Adam Brown, David Cruickshan, Christel Dumont, Marc Fornacciari, Dr. Gabriele Haas, James E. Hogan, Anita Horváth, Marcel Janssen, Otar Kipshidze, Arkadiusz Krasnodebski, Javier Lasa, Eldor Mannopov, Yolande Meyvis, Claudiu Munteanu-Jipescu, Peter O'Brien, Katarína Pecnová, Jan Jakob Peelen, Eavan Saunders, Thomas Schubert, Lucille De Silva, Louis Skyner, Dr. Carsten Steinhauer, Maksym Sysoiev, Evgenia Teterevkova, Eszter Zádori, Alexei Zakharko, Petr Zákoucký, Birzhan Zharasbayev.

Scaling up green hydrogen in Europe

United Kingdom - March 2 2021 From Chile to Canada, from Australia to South Korea, from Germany to Scotland, a new industry has grown up at spectacular speed in the last year or…

Adam Brown.

Making early hydrogen projects investable

United Kingdom - March 1 2021 Low carbon hydrogen has assumed a central role in the net zero plans of the UK, the EU and others. But how can early hydrogen projects be made…

David Tennant, Anna Tostevin, Martin Watt, Charles Wood.

Offshore wind: floating futures

United Kingdom - November 18 2020 Globally, some 80% of potential offshore wind power resources are said to lie in waters more than 60 metres deep. These deeper water sites often…

Adam Brown, Mark Macaulay, David Murray, Wei Wei.

Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe Dentons’ Guide 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - September 24 2020 Investment in renewable energy capacity in the European Union plus the UK jumped 66 percent in the first half of 2020, to US$30.6 billion. This was…

Arkadiusz Krasnodebski.