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What about state tax deductions for PPP expenses?

USA - January 5 2021 While the treatment of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) expenses has been resolved for federal income tax purposes, what do taxpayers need to do to…

Stephanie M. Bruns, Scott Clark, Mark A. Loyd, Bailey Roese

Sponsoring events during the upcoming Democratic and Republican national conventions

USA - May 19 2016 Recently the House and Senate Ethics Committees issued updated guidance for Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and outside groups to follow in…

Michael E. Zolandz, Eric J. Tanenblatt, Benjamin P. Keane, Stefan C. Passantino

New procurement lobbying, ethics and pay-to-play provisions

USA - January 13 2016 The political headlines from last year's battle over lobbying and ethics reform legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia may have long faded from…

Benjamin P. Keane, Stefan C. Passantino, Thomas F. Walls