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Key tips for new franchisors

United Kingdom - February 23 2023 In our recent franchise workshop for new franchisors, we focused on the key considerations applicable to a new franchise business. To succeed in…

Appointing a distributor in Indonesia - what foreign brands should know

Global, Indonesia - December 15 2022 Indonesia has over 275 million inhabitants which makes it the fourth largest population in the world. It is no wonder that it is an attractive market…

Agnieszka Nagórska-Kordeczka

Challenges of “pilot” franchising in Italy and other countries with disclosure laws

Global, Italy, United Kingdom - December 15 2022 Italy has become a very popular franchise market, both among the international franchisors who want to enter the country, and the Italian…

Agnieszka Nagórska-Kordeczka

Franchising in Caribbean

Global, United Kingdom - December 13 2022 The Caribbean region consists of a large number of countries each with its own laws. Some countries apply common law principles (BVI) whilst others…

Hidden franchise laws - Commercial agency laws in the UAE, Oman and Kuwait

Kuwait, Oman, Poland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom - August 18 2022 The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a major target market for international franchise brands. Overseas brands often opt for franchising in this…

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