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Offer and acceptance "not the last word" in contract formation

United Kingdom - October 14 2021 As law students, we were taught that five key elements must be present for a contract to exist: (i) offer, (ii) acceptance, (iii) consideration, (iv)…

Thomas Leyland

Supply chain disruption: do Russian sanctions amount to force majeure?

European Union, Russia, United Kingdom - April 7 2022 As the UK and EU continue to expand their sanctions lists, a recent English Court of Appeal decision provides comfort to businesses trying to…

Tim Constable

Supply chain disruption: if you can't pick your battles, pick your battleground

United Kingdom - April 25 2022 It may not be the most likely place to look for business advice, but the 2010 reboot of Karate Kid contains some wise words (courtesy of Jackie Chan's…

Tim Constable