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Five things you can do to prepare for future shocks in your supply chain

United Kingdom - November 9 2022 Now is the time to assess your supply chain exposure, build your resilience and emerge stronger, whatever the future may hold Residents who live in…

Tim Constable, Lorna MacFarlane

Supply chain disruption: is your dispute resolution clause more trouble than it's worth?

United Kingdom - October 27 2022 It is approaching midnight in a stuffy conference room. Lukewarm buffet food competes for space with financial projections and position papers, as…

Tim Constable, Sarah Rutnah

Supply chains in an inflationary environment

United Kingdom - August 2 2022 Prices have risen at an alarming rate in the UK over the last year. The rate of inflation is forecast to continue rising and the Bank of England…

Tim Constable

Sustainable supply chains: the business, legal and compliance benefits of embedding ESG in your procurement practices

United Kingdom - July 27 2022 Businesses are increasingly accountable not only for their direct environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact, but also that of their supply…

Tim Constable, Lorna MacFarlane

The hidden contract risks in your global supply chain

Global, Poland - July 11 2022 If you are about to go on vacation, or have just returned, you will be all too aware that car hire prices have rocketed across the world in the past…

Dr. Matthias Hadding, Magdalena Wątroba