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Reimbursement of expenses related to home office

Hungary - October 26 2022 Due to rising energy prices more and more employers are considering continuing or (re)introducing the Home Office (i.e. (partial) teleworking)…

Eszter Bohati

Employment Newsletter - Wages without currency fluctuation

Hungary - August 19 2022 In recent weeks, the question of how to pay wages in euros has been raised more and more frequently. Can employees ask their employers to stop paying…

Eszter Bohati

Constantly changing regulatory and economic environment in the PV sector: Interim rules for power plant network connection

Hungary - September 21 2021 The entire electricity market (and the renewables market in particular) is in a major transition marked by constant regulatory changes and…

Eszter Zádori

Auction time - Third METÁR auction to take place in July

European Union - May 4 2021 After two successful METÁR tenders, on April 30, 2021 the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority launched the third METÁR tender to…

Eszter Zádori

Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe Dentons’ Guide 2021

European Union - March 25 2021 Dentons Europe is delighted to present the 2021 edition of our Guide to investing in renewable energy projects in Europe. Our publication grows in…

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