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New obligations for SEC regulated entities under SEC identity theft rules

USA - April 15 2013 Identity theft is a serious privacy and security problem that has escalated in recent years as more and more business functions move online. To keep…

Walter Van Dorn, Matthew Dyckman, Curtis Stefanak

Navigating the SEC's cybersecurity guidance

USA - March 25 2014 The US Securities Exchange Commission has joined a growing number of regulatory agencies in expressing interest in cybersecurity issues. As the…

Andy Blair, Javier Ortiz

It's Data Privacy Day

United Kingdom - January 28 2014 Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint. It is…

Timothy M. Banks, Julianne Doe, Nick Graham, Peter Homberg, Dr. Constantin Rehaag, M.A.

Changes in the California “Do Not Track” law

USA - December 3 2013 California continued its role as a privacy first-mover in recently enacting three first-of-their-kind laws strengthening online privacy protections…

Andy Blair

The last days of cash

USA - October 24 2013 In this video interview, Andy Roth, Co-Chair of Dentons' Global Privacy and Security Group, and Victor Boyajian, Global Head of Dentons' Venture…

Victor H. Boyajian