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A practical guide to the Cape Town Convention

Global - January 21 2009 For an aircraft financier, among the virtues of the Cape Town Convention and its Aircraft Equipment Protocol (together Cape Town) are that it aims to bring speed, certainty and cost savings to the process of repossessing (and otherwise realising value from) aircraft and engines on an insolvency or other default where these assets are in a country whose legal system would otherwise give cause for concern.

Aircraft mortgages and the English conflict of laws rules

United Kingdom - June 9 2010 Financiers of large commercial aircraft often structure deals so they may repossess the aircraft as its mortgagee, chargee of the shares in the SPV they have funded to own and lease the aircraft, and assignee of the SPV's rights under a lease of the aircraft to its operator.

Matthew Harvey.

Brexit: Key issues for lending and loan documentation

European Union, United Kingdom - January 1 2021 This note considers how Brexit, and in particular the end of the transition period, affects lending and loan documentatio…

Adam Pierce, Catherine Astruc, Mark Cheney.

Indemnities in finance documents

United Kingdom - July 20 2011 Strenuously negotiating the indemnities in a straight-forward debt financing, documented along LMA lines, is rarely going to be that productive.

LCs, strict compliance and the rogue ampersand

United Kingdom - December 5 2013 The High Court recently considered the consequences of the inclusion of a rogue ampersand (i.e. The symbol "&") in a party's name in a document to be…