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The ARRC’s Final Recommendations for New Fallbacks for LIBOR Securitizations

United Kingdom, USA - June 12 2019 On May 31, 2019, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (“ARRC”) published “ARRC Recommendations Regarding More Robust Fallback Language for New…

Amanda L. Baker, J Paul Forrester, Julie A. Gillespie, Lindsay M. O'Neil

FDIC Adopts Changes to Securitization Safe Harbor Rule

USA - February 2 2020 Since its adoption in 2010, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (the “FDIC”) securitization safe harbor rule, 12 C.F.R. § 360.6 (the “Rule”)…

Stuart M. Litwin, Julie A. Gillespie, Jan C. Stewart, Jeffrey P. Taft

Structured Finance Bulletin - Fall 2019

European Union, USA - October 8 2019 Trade receivables securitization is one of the primary means through which middle market and investment grade companies alike are able to obtain more…

Angela M. Ulum, Monique J. Mulcare, Amanda L. Baker, David S. Bakst, Linda E. Boss, Todd N. Bundrant, Jennifer J. Carlson, Merryn Craske, Francis L. Doorley, Jeffrey R. Favitta, François-Régis Gonon, Lawrence R. Hamilton, Kevin B. Hawkins, Michael L. Hermsen, Carol A. Hitselberger, Robert F. Gray, Jr., Steven M. Kaplan, Andreas Lange, Ori Lev, Cory R. Miggins, Joanna C. Nicholas, Lindsay M. O'Neil, Ariel Ramos, Eric M. Reilly, Laura D. Richman, Stephanie C. Robinson, Susannah L. Schmid, Chen Yang Sia, Ryan Suda, David A. Tallman, Sagi Tamir

Structured Finance Bulletin - Spring 2020

European Union, USA - March 11 2020 In this Spring 2020 edition of our Structured Finance Bulletin, we highlight key trends to watch in 2020 in the fintech, banking and regulatory…

Harjeet Lall, Arthur S. Rublin, Christopher J. Brady, Curtis A. Doty, Matthew F. Kluchenek, Leslie S. Cruz, Shahrukh Abbasi, Amanda L. Baker, Matthew Bisanz, Ross E. Butler, Merryn Craske, Thomas J. Delaney, Francis L. Doorley, J Paul Forrester, Michael P. Gaffney, Julie A. Gillespie, Barbara Goodstein, Lawrence R. Hamilton, Alice Harrison, Carol A. Hitselberger, Neil Macleod, Marla L. Matusic, Joanna C. Nicholas, Edmund (Ed) Parker, Anna T. Pinedo, Laurence E. Platt, Susannah L. Schmid, Christopher G. Smith, Ryan Suda, Jeffrey P. Taft, David A. Tallman, Sagi Tamir

Structured Finance Bulletin

USA - December 8 2020 The implications of the 2020 election for structured finance are coming into focus. Informed by our discussions in Washington, we can anticipate the…

Christopher J. Brady, Michael P. Gaffney