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The German Section 49 Saga Continues - Important Developments in Germany’s Extraterritorial Taxation of IP Transactions

Germany - July 7 2022 On June 29, 2022, the German Ministry of Finance (MoF) issued an important circular (the “2022 Circular”) in the ongoing saga of the application of…

Michael Lebovitz, Kai Yan

German Tax Circular Has Wide-Ranging Implications for IP Transactions and M&A

European Union, Germany - December 2 2020 On November 6, 2020, the German Ministry of Finance (BMF) issued a circular (the “Circular”) interpreting a long-ignored provision of German tax law…

Michael Lebovitz, Dr. Ulrich Worm

COVID-19 - Measures of the German Federal Government, the Federal States and the European Union

European Union - March 23 2020 Every day, we receive new information on measures taken by the German Federal Government, the Federal States, the European Union and its institutions…

Dr. Marco Wilhelm, Ulrich Helm, Martin Heuber, Tina Hoffmann, Dr. Malte Richter, Stefanie Skoruppa, Dr. Guido Zeppenfeld

COVID-19 European Tax-Related Measures for Business

European Union - March 23 2020 The COVID-19 public health crisis has caused considerable damage to the economy of affected countries and to their trade partners. In an effort to…

Astrid Pieron, James Hill, Benjamin Homo

Cayman Islands Added to EU Blacklist

Cayman Islands, European Union - February 26 2020 On February 18, 2020, EU finance ministers updated the EU Blacklist, adding four jurisdictions—the Cayman Islands, Palau, Panama and Seychelles…

Astrid Pieron, Benjamin Homo, Jason S. Bazar