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International Arbitration Update| Edition 16: June - November 2022

Global - January 12 2023 New Arbitration Rules (CAM-CCBC and Vancouver Arbitration Centre), important legislative/Constitutional proposals, ICSID's Annual Report and a…

Raid Abu-Manneh, Gustavo Fernandes de Andrade, Geoffrey Y. M. Chan, Lisa Dubot, Alain Farhad, Tom Fu, Menachem M. Hasofer, Ulrich Helm, B. Ted Howes, Dany Khayat, Yu-Jin Tay

Hong Kong Ruling Favoured Email Fraud Victim Over Third Party Recipients Who Used Underground Banking

Hong Kong - June 23 2021 In typical email fraud cases, victims can rarely trace their funds to ‘first layer’ bank account(s) where they were initially persuaded…

Liang Pu, Raymond N. H. Chan, Julian H. Y. Tam

In review: licensing and taxation of gambling activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - June 8 2021 An overview of the key features of the licensing and tax regimes applicable to gambling activities in Hong Kong.

Alan H. Linning

A general introduction to gambling law in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - June 8 2021 A general introduction to gambling law in Hong Kong, covering key legal definitions, applicable activities and government policies, among other things.

Alan H. Linning

Recognition of Foreign Gaming Debt by Japanese Court - A Positive News for the Gaming Industry

Japan - May 4 2021 A Japanese court recently sided with a cruise ship operator which filed a lawsuit against a Japanese patron who had gambled at its casino while on the…

Liang Pu, Raymond N. H. Chan