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IP & TMT Quarterly Review- Third Quarter 2022

China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom - September 28 2022 More than nine months after the Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) came into force in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), the…

Amita Kaur Haylock, Gabriela Kennedy, Grace Y. Wong, Joshua T K Woo, Michelle G. W. Yee

Can You Sue in Hong Kong If Personal Data Has Been Stolen? Lessons from Warren v DSG Retail Ltd

Hong Kong, United Kingdom - July 6 2022 With society increasingly concerned about data privacy, the spectre arises of claims against businesses for damages caused by cyber-security breaches…

Gabriela Kennedy, Joshua T K Woo

Premium Financing for Long Term Insurance - Understanding Hong Kong’s Regulatory Landscape

Hong Kong - May 5 2022 Premium financing is a popular way to fund the purchase of long term insurance, particularly in the Hong Kong insurance industry. On 1 April 2022…

Ken K. Y. Lam, Jenny W. Y. Yu

Key Implications of Latest Hong Kong Insurance Authority Guidelines Defining Regulated Activities

Hong Kong - January 18 2022 Important implications for the Hong Kong insurance industry as well as non-insurance entities collaborating with insurers arise from the latest…

Ken K. Y. Lam, Jenny W. Y. Yu

Key Findings of Joint Inspection by Hong Kong Regulators on Using Premium Financing for Purchasing Long Term Insurance

Hong Kong - October 13 2021 Premium financing (PF) is a financing arrangement whereby a customer takes out a loan to pay the premium for an insurance policy. PF is often used by…

Jenny W. Y. Yu