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Subscription Finance: Rated Note Feeder Funds and Debt Capital Commitments

USA - June 13 2022 Insurance company investors are increasingly looking to invest in private equity and similar private investment funds via debt capital commitments…

Kiel A. Bowen, Mark C. Dempsey, Ann Richardson Knox

The Growth of ESG in Fund Finance and Other Financial Products in the United States

USA - January 27 2021 “[C]limate risk is investment risk … And because capital markets pull future risk forward, we will see changes in capital allocation more quickly than…

Ann Richardson Knox, Gabriela Sakamoto, Monica J. Steinberg

Preferred Equity: Another Option in the Fund Finance Toolkit

USA - July 20 2020 The market for private equity (PE) secondaries, or the buying and selling of pre-existing PE fund interests, has grown rapidly over the…

Alexander W. Burdulia, Mark C. Dempsey, Mark Uhrynuk

Fund Finance Market Update: NAV Credit Facilities and COVID-19

USA - May 8 2020 The outbreak of the current novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has caused significant and wide-ranging disruptions to business…

Jonathan R. Rosaluk, Kristin M. Rylko

Fund Finance Market Review -Trends and Developments in the Subscription Credit Facility and Fund Finance Markets - Fall 2019

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - October 22 2019 The first half of 2019 continues a long growth rally for the fund finance market, with fund finance deal volume at Mayer Brown significantly up from…

Monique J. Mulcare, Bryan L. Barreras, Kiel A. Bowen, Mark C. Dempsey, Christopher N. Ellis, Ann Richardson Knox, David B. Kobray, Michael N. Loquercio, Eric M. Reilly, Kristin M. Rylko, Susannah L. Schmid, Aubry D. Smith, Vincent R. Zuffante