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Opportunities and Challenges in Distressed Residential Finance

USA - June 23 2022 The residential finance industry faces substantial headwinds in the current economic environment. After a record-breaking performance in 2021, the…

Krista Cooley, Eric J. Edwardson, Christopher Pochon, Lauren Bergen Pryor, Sean T. Scott

US Mortgage Servicers - Key Considerations for Distressed Mortgage M&A Transactions

USA - June 9 2020 Any company in a distressed scenario faces challenges, but this is especially true in the mortgage industry as residential mortgage loan servicers…

Elizabeth A. Raymond, Thomas S. Kiriakos, Laurence E. Platt, Lauren Bergen Pryor, Michael A. Serafini

Modest Improvements: Ginnie Mae’s Servicing Advance Facility Recognition

USA - April 9 2020 Any day now, maybe even today, Ginnie Mae will announce the details on its Pass-Through Assistance Program (“PTAP”), through which Ginnie Mae will…

Haukur Gudmundsson, Laurence E. Platt

Structured Finance Bulletin - Spring 2020

European Union, USA - March 11 2020 In this Spring 2020 edition of our Structured Finance Bulletin, we highlight key trends to watch in 2020 in the fintech, banking and regulatory…

Harjeet Lall, Arthur S. Rublin, Christopher J. Brady, Curtis A. Doty, Matthew F. Kluchenek, Leslie S. Cruz, Shahrukh Abbasi, James J. Antonopoulos, Amanda L. Baker, Matthew Bisanz, Ross E. Butler, Merryn Craske, Thomas J. Delaney, Francis L. Doorley, J. Paul Forrester, Michael P. Gaffney, Julie A. Gillespie, Barbara Goodstein, Lawrence R. Hamilton, Alice Harrison, Carol A. Hitselberger, Neil Macleod, Marla L. Matusic, Joanna C. Nicholas, Edmund (Ed) Parker, Anna T. Pinedo, Laurence E. Platt, Christopher G. Smith, Ryan Suda, Jeffrey P. Taft, David A. Tallman, Sagi Tamir

Fund Finance Market Review -Trends and Developments in the Subscription Credit Facility and Fund Finance Markets - Fall 2019

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - October 22 2019 The first half of 2019 continues a long growth rally for the fund finance market, with fund finance deal volume at Mayer Brown significantly up from…

Monique J. Mulcare, Bryan L. Barreras, Kiel A. Bowen, Todd N. Bundrant, Mark C. Dempsey, Christopher N. Ellis, Ann Richardson Knox, David B. Kobray, Michael N. Loquercio, Eric M. Reilly, Kristin M. Rylko, Aubry D. Smith, Vincent R. Zuffante