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Electronic Discovery & Information Governance - Tip of the Month: New Compliance Requirements for Transferring Personal Data Outside Europe

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - June 30 2021 Over the past few years, litigators and eDiscovery practitioners have had to familiarize themselves with European data privacy laws to ensure that…

Ondrej Hajda

English court litigation: can you still benefit from costs protection if you withdraw your Part 36 offer to settle?

United Kingdom - October 1 2020 One of the tools used by the English court to encourage parties to settle a dispute without going to trial is to impose costs consequences on a party…

Craig Holburd

COVID-19 and the English Courts - practical implications to consider

United Kingdom - March 27 2020 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments to implement unprecedented measures and required industries to adapt to events that change…

Robert Hobson, Ian McDonald, Chris Roberts, Miles Robinson

The perimeters of privilege: England and Wales Court of Appeal takes exception to exception

United Kingdom - February 28 2020 Can a regulator compel the client or customer of a regulated firm that is under investigation to disclose to it documents otherwise protected by…

Stephen Moi

"Every little (disclosure) helps": High Court considers whether privilege can be asserted over a document previously referred to in open court

United Kingdom - January 14 2020 By way of background, the group action has been commenced by Tesco shareholders against Tesco for issuing misleading information about its financial…

Jonathan Cohen, Alistair Graham, Miles Robinson