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A new tort - malicious prosecution of civil proceedings

United Kingdom - July 22 2016 On 20 July 2016, a nine member panel of the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in Willers v Joyce and Anor (in substitution for and in their…

Daniel Cook

Top Ten Issues to Include in Your Force Majeure Checklist

USA - April 9 2020 Sent or received a force majeure notice under an English law governed contract? Here is a checklist for issues to consider in respect of the 10 most…

Jonathan Cohen, Ian McDonald, Miles Robinson, Mark Stefanini

UK Supreme Court provides further guidance on the rules of contractual interpretation

United Kingdom - June 20 2016 In BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services Limited v LBG Capital No 1 Plc & Anor [2016] UKSC 29 the Supreme Court has given further guidance on how far…

Jonathan Cohen

Group litigation in the UK: High Court emphasises need for robust approach to case management as collective actions continue to grow

United Kingdom - May 1 2020 Group litigation has been part of the UK litigation landscape for twenty years. In recent years, however, a number of contributory…

Warsha Kalé, Miles Robinson, James Whitaker

English Court of Appeal considers the "unambiguous impropriety" exception to without prejudice privilege

United Kingdom - February 16 2021 The English Court of Appeal has handed down its judgment in the case of Motorola Solutions, Inc. and another v Hytera Communications…

Jonathan Cohen