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Quarantine into Japan Reduced to 7 Days for All Travelers

Japan - January 31 2022 Starting midnight on January 29, 2022, the Japanese government announced that all travelers entering the country will be subject to only a seven day…

Kohshi Arnold Itagaki

Japan to Reduce Self-Quarantine Measures to 10 Days

Japan - January 14 2022 Starting January 15, 2022 at midnight, the Japanese government announced that all entrants into Japan will be subject to 10 day self-quarantine…

Kohshi Arnold Itagaki

Japan’s Foreign Entry Ban to Continue Through February 28

Japan - January 11 2022 Due to the ongoing prevalence of the Omicron variant, the Japanese government announced that the ban on foreign entry into Japan will continue through…

Kohshi Arnold Itagaki

Japan Reinstitutes Ban on Foreigner Entry Due to Omicron Variant

Japan - November 30 2021 Due to the emergence of the Omicron variant, effective November 30, 2021 all new foreign travelers are in principle banned from entering Japan. This…

Kohshi Arnold Itagaki

コロナウイルス・ワクチン接種及びウィルス検査に関する 米国緊急暫定基準について

Japan, USA - November 7 2021 11月5日に官報(Federal Register)で公告された、米労働省・労働安全衛生管理局(OSHA)の、コロナウイルス・ワクチン接種及びウィルス検査…

Marcia E. Goodman, Yoshihide Ito, Andrew S. Rosenman, Ruth Zadikany