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NMLS and NMLS Consumer Access Scheduled to Take a Summer Break

USA - July 12 2021 As many of us look forward to our summer vacations, the NMLS also has plans to take time off this summer. Due to system maintenance, beginning…

Krista Cooley, Jeffrey Prost

Coronavirus Hits Hard - Branch Licensing May Be Waived

USA - March 16 2020 Last week, in a blog entitled “Coronavirus Hits Home,” we informed you that we had contacted the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (“CSBS”) and…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos, Keisha L. Whitehall Wolfe

Coronavirus Hits Home

USA - March 6 2020 As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus escalate, some of our clients have raised branch office licensing questions about employees…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos, Keisha L. Whitehall Wolfe

Ready your Renewals for the Roaring 20s!

USA - October 29 2019 It’s been 100 years since the time of jazz clubs, speakeasies and flappers. A time when new inventions such as radios, movies, telephones and…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos, Jeffrey Prost, Keisha L. Whitehall Wolfe

A Dozen Tips for Less Stress During the License Renewal Season

USA - November 6 2016 It's fall, Halloween is over, and the scary clowns (other than those vying for political office) will recede into the forests next to small…

Dameian Buncum, Dana Lopez, Jeffrey Prost, Stacey Riggin, Keisha L. Whitehall Wolfe