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Governing Service Provider Relationships: Seven Legal Tips for Strengthening and Leveraging Contract Rights

USA - May 19 2022 Too often, contract rights bargained and paid for in negotiations are eroded during governance. This podcast describes seven tips for governing…

Julian M. Dibbell, Brad L. Peterson

An Act of God, or Another Failing Restaurant? Illinois Bankruptcy Court Rules on Force Majeure Clause in the Wake of COVID-19 Shutdown Order

USA - July 7 2020 The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has raised pressing questions about how a force majeure provision in a lease will affect a tenant's obligation to pay…

Paul E. Meyer, Luc W. M. Mitchell

Impact of COVID 19 on Real Estate Contracts - Force Majeure, MAC Clauses, Impossibility of Performance and other Considerations

USA - March 20 2020 As countries around the globe begin to aggressively respond to the COVID-19 virus, governments have called for social distancing, closing of certain…

John C. Huff, D. Nathan McMichael, Paul E. Meyer

COVID-19 Contractual performance - Force Majeure clauses and other options: a global perspective

United Kingdom - March 20 2020 This legal update describes options that may be available to parties to contracts affected by COVID-19. In particular, we focus on the concept of…

Dr. Marco Wilhelm, Ian K. Lewis, Isabelle van Sambeck, LL.M., Brad L. Peterson, Miles Robinson, Steven Tran, Emilie Vasseur, Elfie J.Y. Wang

COVID-19 and Outsourcing Contracts: US Legal Rights and Practical Steps

USA - March 11 2020 COVID-19 directly threatens the business model of relying on large service delivery centers for critical services, especially centers in offshore…

Daniel A. Masur, Brad L. Peterson