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Fintech in Mexico: Market Participants and the Regulatory Response

Mexico - June 29 2020 Following the 2008 financial crisis, companies formed financial alternatives to traditional banking to meet consumers' needs. Such…

Romina Fernández

Use of Electronic Signature for Commercial Transactions in Mexico

Mexico - June 22 2020 In accordance with Mexican law, the use of electronic signatures is a valid way to express consent for the execution of contracts. Specifically, the…

Lilia Alonzo, Aldo A. Jáuregui

The Impact of COVID-19: Legal Risks on Financing Commitments under Mexican Law

Mexico - April 28 2020 As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to increase, it is likely it will have a profound impact on agreements, including credit agreements…

Jan R. Boker, Romina Fernández

Mexican Federal Government Unveils the First Bundle of Projects with a Focus on Infrastructure

Mexico - November 27 2019 On November 26, 2019, the federal government announced the first stage of the Infrastructure National Agreement with the Private Sector (NIA). The…

Lilia Alonzo, Ariel Ramos

Mexico Telecommunications: Red Troncal Project Bid Update—Final Guidelines Released

Mexico - July 6 2018 On June 29, 2018, the final bidding guidelines for Mexico's telecommunications backbone network (Red Troncal) project were released. Pursuant to the…

Daniela Cordero-Villareal, Sofia Duclaud Llantada