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French Cour de cassation validates the "Macron Scale"

France - May 20 2022 In a long-awaited decision, on 11 May 2022 the Cour de cassation validated the "Macron scale" of compensation which can be ordered in unfair…

Julien Haure, Fadela Kailech

Actualite Sociale

France - April 8 2022 Entrée en vigueur de la Loi Santé au travail le 31 mars 2022 1.2 Décret n°2022-243 du 25 février 2022 relatif aux mesures visant à supprimer les…

Julien Haure, Naomi-Lan Leroy

France eases COVID-19 restrictions

France - March 17 2022 Given the improvement in the health situation, the French government has made several announcements and published a decree on 12 March 2022 to…

Fadela Kailech

France addresses COVID-19 with additional measures

France - January 6 2022 France entered the new year not in the most festive of moods. On December 31, 2021, the country had reached a sad record--262,000 new COVID-19…

Julien Haure

COVID-19: Employer Guidance on Vaccines

Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA - April 27 2021 Many countries have started to roll out vaccines against COVID-19. While a vaccination program is viewed by many as the long-awaited route out of the…

Duncan A. W. Abate, Miriam Bruce, Aline Fidelis, Christopher Fisher, Maureen J. Gorman, Julien Haure, Hagen Köckeritz, Andrew S. Rosenman, Jennifer C. W. Tam, Hong Tran, Ruth Zadikany, Dr. Guido Zeppenfeld