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UK Government proposes key changes to the UK GDPR

United Kingdom - March 13 2023 The UK Government has relaunched its efforts to reform the UK's data protection regime, with the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (No. 2)…

Ondrej Hajda, Ellen Hepworth, Mark A. Prinsley, Reece Randall, Valerie Vanryckeghem

European Data Protection Board Issues Opinion on EU-US Data Transfers

European Union, USA - March 9 2023 On February 28, 2023, the European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) issued its opinion on the draft adequacy decision of the European Commission (the…

Ana Hadnes Bruder, Arsen Kourinian, Dominique Shelton Leipzig, David A. Simon, Livia Crepaldi Wolf, Dr. Ulrich Worm

NIS2 Directive: New EU Cybersecurity Rules Now In Force

European Union - February 28 2023 The new version of the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2 Directive, "NIS2") came into force on January 16, 2023. The new rules are…

Benjamin Beck, Ana Hadnes Bruder, Mark A. Prinsley, Reece Randall, David A. Simon, Livia Crepaldi Wolf, Dr. Ulrich Worm

Stolen crypto - UK Court of Appeal opens door to software developers' legal duties to users

United Kingdom - February 21 2023 The roller coaster ride that is Tulip Trading v Wladimir van der Laan & Ors - as we have previously discussed - has taken another turn. On 3 February…

Liang Pu, Joseph A. Castelluccio, Chris Chapman, Musonda Kapotwe, Robyn Llewellyn, Rhys Morgan

UK cybersecurity and incident response - the outlook for 2023

United Kingdom - February 16 2023 Following on from our alert in relation to technology, data privacy, cybersecurity and IP legal developments to look out for in 2023, this update…

Marcus A. Christian, Findley Penn-Hughes, David A. Simon, Mark Stefanini