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Travelport Limited and others v WEX Inc. - MAE and MAC in a Post Pandemic World

United Kingdom - October 15 2020 In this update we discuss the decision of the English High Court on a number of preliminary issues in the case of Travelport Limited and others v WEX…

Jonathan Cohen, Mark Stefanini

How far can you stretch "goodwill"? English Court of Appeal considers the meaning of "goodwill" in an SPA

United Kingdom - October 2 2020 In Primus International Holding Co and others v Triumph Controls - UK Ltd and another1, the English Court of Appeal has upheld a first…

Jonathan Cohen, Mark Stefanini

Effecting service: English High Court finds that demonstrating mere technical compliance with rules on service may be insufficient during ‘lockdown’

United Kingdom - July 13 2020 The service provisions under the Civil Procedure Rules of England & Wales ("CPR") are, as most practitioners will be aware, very detailed…

Jonathan Cohen, Mark Stefanini

Group litigation in the UK: High Court emphasises need for robust approach to case management as collective actions continue to grow

United Kingdom - May 1 2020 Group litigation has been part of the UK litigation landscape for twenty years. In recent years, however, a number of contributory…

Warsha Kalé, Stuart Pickford, James Whitaker

Top Ten Issues to Include in Your Force Majeure Checklist

USA - April 9 2020 Sent or received a force majeure notice under an English law governed contract? Here is a checklist for issues to consider in respect of the 10 most…

Jonathan Cohen, Ian McDonald, Stuart Pickford, Mark Stefanini