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The German Section 49 Saga Continues - Important Developments in Germany’s Extraterritorial Taxation of IP Transactions

Germany - July 7 2022 On June 29, 2022, the German Ministry of Finance (MoF) issued an important circular (the “2022 Circular”) in the ongoing saga of the application of…

Volker Junge, Kai Yan

Tax Meets ESG: Shareholder Activism Expanding to Tax Transparency

Global - March 17 2022 In a recent Legal Update, we discussed the emerging intersection between Tax and ESG and highlighted the various external stakeholders pressuring…

Jenny A. Austin, Samantha I. Bear

Tax Meets ESG: Preparing for Bad Press

USA - March 1 2022 In a recent Legal Update, we discussed the intersection between Tax and ESG and the challenges companies will face responding to external pressures…

Jenny A. Austin

Tax Meets ESG: Emerging Corporate Governance Risks and Opportunities

OECD, USA - February 3 2022 A high-ranking US senator sends a letter to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company demanding information about the company’s low effective tax rate. During…

Jenny A. Austin

IP and Tax - Collaboration is Key to Mitigate Company Risks

USA - January 13 2022 Intellectual property is one of the key drivers of profitability for a multinational company. Because IP is inherently mobile, tax planning for IP…

Jenny A. Austin, James R. Ferguson