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Impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in M&A Transactions; Podcast

USA - October 11 2019 How is the CCPA different from GDPR. The CCPA is not the same as the GDPR. Calfornia has long legislative history taking the lead in consumer privacy…

Happy New Year! California Legislation Addresses Financial Services Industry in 2019 and Beyond

USA - December 29 2018 The California legislature was active in 2018, enacting several new requirements and provisions applicable to the financial services industry…

Jonathan D. Jaffe, Evan Sippel-Feldman

Summary of California Laws Enacted in 2018 Impacting the State’s Financial Services Industry: What to Look Forward to (and Prepare for) in California in 2019

USA - December 27 2018 2018 was an active year for the California legislature in enacting laws that will impact the financial services industry—both directly and indirectly…

Jonathan D. Jaffe, Evan Sippel-Feldman

California Regulator Focuses on Small Balance Consumer Lenders (and Indirectly on Online Lead Generators)

USA - October 17 2018 The California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) is focusing its attention on lenders offering triple-digit APR small-dollar loans. Via a letter…

Jonathan D. Jaffe, Evan Sippel-Feldman