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Health Data: European Commission Proposes New Rules on Access and Use

European Union - November 29 2022 The European Commission's proposal to establish a European Health Data Space ("EHDS") aims to improve access by individuals to their health data…

Christoph J. Crützen, Ondrej Hajda

EU Unified Patent Court Expected to Open Doors on April 1, 2023: What European Patents Owners Should Consider Now

European Union - October 28 2022 Recently, the EU Unified Patent Court ("UPC") Preparatory Committee announced that the UPC is expected to become operational and start to receive…

Benjamin Beck, Christoph J. Crützen, Dr. Ulrich Worm

Germany Ratifies EU Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement, but Prospects for the UPC Remain Uncertain

European Union, Germany - August 17 2021 On 7 August 2021, Germany formally ratified the Agreement on a Unified EU Patent Court ("UPC Agreement"). The ratification came after battles in…

Benjamin Beck, Christoph J. Crützen

The Waiver of Patent Protection for COVID-19 Vaccines — On Practicability and Purpose of Such Measure

Global - July 7 2021 As early as October 2, 2020, India and South Africa had submitted a proposal to the WTO to temporarily suspend patent rights for COVID-19 vaccines…

Christoph J. Crützen

German Government Passes Bill to Simplify and Modernize Patent Law

Germany - November 5 2020 On 28 October 2020, the German Federal Government passed a bill to simplify and modernize the German patent law. The bill is expected to pass the…

Benjamin Beck