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The Judiciary's Guide for Solicitors' Hourly Rates to Increase: Higher Costs Recoverable

Hong Kong - December 19 2017 The Law Society of Hong Kong ("the Law Society") announced to its member in a circular on 11 December 2017 that the Solicitors' Hourly Rates (SHR)…

Derek M. T. Lee

Lessons Learnt from Hong Kong Court of Appeal's Latest Decision in Employees' Compensation Claim

Hong Kong - March 9 2017 In a recent employees' compensation appeal case of Wan Jingyi v. Hoo Chun Wing T/A Kai Chun Good Well & Ors. (CACV 105/2016), Hong Kong's Court of…

Derek M. T. Lee

Implication of Pre-action Settlement Offers by Insurer Clients

Hong Kong - April 15 2016 In the personal injuries case of Ku Suet Yu Amy v. JV Fitness Ltd (HCPI No. 266 of 2015, Judgment on 5 February 2016), the defendant invited the…

Angela S. Y. Yim

Employer vicariously liable for assault by an employee on another

United Kingdom - March 18 2015 In Yeung Mei Hoi v Tam Cheuk Shing and Another [2015] HKCA 109, the Court of Appeal reversed the decision from the Court of First Instance and held…

Duncan A. W. Abate, Hong Tran

Levels of compensation under the employees’ compensation ordinance in Hong Kong increased following review

Hong Kong - February 4 2015 All EC insurers and employers are advised to take note that a resolution has been passed by the Legislative Council on 4 February 2015 to increase the…

Derek M. T. Lee