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Climate Litigation in Brazil: New Lawsuit Seeks to Bring Climate Change Discussions to the Core of Environmental Licensing of Carbon-Intensive Activities

Brazil - September 21 2021 Just months after we discussed a recent climate lawsuit filed in Brazil against a rural landowner due to alleged illegal deforestation in the Amazon…

Gedham Medeiros Gomes.

Autarquias do Sistema Financeiro Nacional Brasileiro publicam arcabouço regulatório sobre política de responsabilidade e gerenciamento de riscos sociais, ambientais e climáticos

Brazil - September 17 2021 Em 15 de setembro de 2021, o Banco Central do Brasil (“BACEN”) divulgou ao mercado o seu primeiro Relatório de Riscos e Oportunidades Sociais…

Daniella Raigorodsky Monteiro, Meg Ferreira, Priscilla Santos.

Climate litigation in Brazil: new strategy from prosecutors on climate litigation against private entities

Brazil - June 22 2021 Following global trends of climate litigation against governments evolving to litigation against private entities, a new lawsuit recently filed in…

Gedham Medeiros Gomes, Laura Gonçales.

Biodiversity - Brazil: Does the Nagoya Protocol Set Limits to the Scope of Domestic Legislation?

Brazil - June 16 2021 Following a long-waited ratification (on March 4, 2021), Brazil became a party to the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and…

Meg Ferreira, Thomas Delille.

Unprecedented Decision Sets a Milestone for Climate Change Litigation Cases: What’s Next?

USA - May 28 2021 As our readers are well aware, climate change and stakeholder litigation is on a global uptrend as it has never been before. Whether claims are…

Gedham Medeiros Gomes, Laura Gonçales.