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Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens: NY Tax Considerations for Fund Managers

USA - August 5 2021 It is stating the obvious to note that virtual currency or cryptocurrency (Crypto) has become more mainstream in 2021. As major financial institutions…

Michael J. Kerman, Zal Kumar

It’s Personal: Planning for New York’s Pass-Through Entity Tax

USA - April 29 2021 New York taxpayers generally do not greet new taxes with enthusiasm, but New York's new passthrough entity tax ("PET") is poised to provide some…

Juan F. Lopez Valek, Kelly W. Donigan, Zal Kumar

Back in the Game: New York State Considers Pass-Through Entity Tax

USA - December 21 2020 New York’s neighbors, Connecticut and New Jersey, stole the march on the Empire State in enacting pass-through entity taxes, which are the most…

Kelly W. Donigan, Zal Kumar

Rare supremacy clause tax win for p.l. 86-272 company

USA - July 1 2019 In a rare challenge involving the US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause, Mayer Brown lawyers successfully argued that New Jersey’s Corporate Business…

Amy Nogid

Can You Simply Remove GILTI Income from Your State Tax Base (New York and Elsewhere)?

USA - September 21 2018 The New York State 2018 legislative session included a couple bills, including a State Senate draft of the budget bill, that aimed to exclude…

Lucas Giardelli, Zal Kumar