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Money Services Businesses Call Report Q1 Submission Deadline Quickly Approaching

USA - April 25 2017 The NMLS Money Services Businesses (MSB) Call Report, described by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) as “a new tool within the…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos

Maryland Legislative Session Adjourned

USA - April 17 2017 The 2017 Maryland legislative session ended at midnight last Monday, April 10. Here is a look at legislation affecting financial services businesses…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos

Raise Your Voice And Comment . . . On Maryland’s Proposed Regulations

USA - January 27 2017 With all eyes on Washington, DC, and the press abuzz with each movement and action of the newly sworn-in President Trump, Maryland quietly published…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos

Lessons Learned From Change in Control Filings

USA - January 19 2017 When licensed consumer financial service firms are undergoing a change in ownership, they typically must submit change in control filings to the state…

Costas “Gus” Avrakotos

A Dozen Tips for Less Stress During the License Renewal Season

USA - November 6 2016 It's fall, Halloween is over, and the scary clowns (other than those vying for political office) will recede into the forests next to small…

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