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“Improper influence” from HR may lead to an unfair dismissal

United Kingdom - December 23 2015 In Ramphal v Department for Transport which was heard in the Autumn, the EAT looked at HR’s influence on the decision to summarily dismiss an employee…

Stefan Martin

What is going to be happening in 2016?

United Kingdom - December 23 2015 The USA v Nolan case has been long running but the key question employers are eagerly awaiting still remains unanswered i.e. when does the duty to…

Stefan Martin

Scope of associative discrimination claims widened?

European Union, United Kingdom - December 23 2015 CHEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria C-83/14, heard by the European Court of Justice, involved a claimant who owned a shop in a district where the electricity…

Stefan Martin

Employment Tribunal fees challenge to go to the Supreme Court

United Kingdom - December 23 2015 Unison’s challenge against the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees continues. Earlier this year the Court of Appeal dismissed Unison’s appeal…

Stefan Martin

Equal pay and gender pay gap reporting

United Kingdom - December 23 2015 Since the EqA came into force, the government has had the power to introduce regulations requiring employers to publish information about the…

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