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NextGen Talks - Season 2, Episode 3

United Kingdom - December 2 2021 In this third Episode of Season 2, we were delighted to speak to Jon van Gorp, Chair of Mayer Brown. In this…

James Ford, Edna Hurtado

So You Want to Form an MSR Fund: Issues and Considerations

USA - December 21 2020 Despite COVID-19 conditions, US residential mortgage loan origination volumes have been at historic highs, driven by a refinancing boom spurred by low…

Krista Cooley, Eric J. Edwardson, Haukur Gudmundsson, Laurence E. Platt, Lauren Bergen Pryor, Claire Gibson Ragen

SEC Report Underscores the Interconnectedness of the U.S. Residential Mortgage Credit Markets

USA - November 23 2020 When John Donne wrote the famous book, No Man is an Island, he most certainly wasn't thinking about residential mortgage credit. But the idea of…

Andrew Olmem, Anna T. Pinedo, Laurence E. Platt

FHFA Issues Request for Input on FHLB Membership Requirements

USA - February 28 2020 On February 24, 2020, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (“FHFA”) issued a Request for Input (“RFI”) on the eligibility requirements for membership…

Matthew Bisanz, Lawrence R. Hamilton, Laurence E. Platt

CFPB on QM — No DTI? Short-Lived Patch Extension?

USA - January 18 2020 According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau intends to revise its Qualified Mortgage definition by moving…

Paul Jorissen, Steven M. Kaplan, Kris D. Kully, Laurence E. Platt