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Federal Reserve Issues Policy Statement Further Restricting Crypto-Asset Activities and Addressing Uninsured State Member Banks

USA - February 1 2023 On January 27, 2023, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (“Federal Reserve”) issued a policy statement regarding the permissible…

David L. Beam, Matthew Bisanz, Joseph A. Castelluccio, Andrew Olmem, Jeffrey P. Taft

2023 Trends for Technology Transactions

USA - January 19 2023 As 2023 begins, we are coming off many years of fast and frothy innovation with a great deal of new complexity in both products and business models…

Marina G. Aronchik, Paul A. Chandler, Julian M. Dibbell, Brad L. Peterson, Mark A. Prinsley, Linda L. Rhodes, Oliver Yaros, Scott F. Young

US Treasury Report Addresses Impact of Fintech-Bank Partnerships

USA - December 20 2022 Fintech firms and other non-bank companies have “augmented consumer finance markets” and “accelerat[ed] an evolution in consumer financial products…

David L. Beam, Francis L. Doorley, Rohith P. George, Steven M. Kaplan, Grace Kim, Eric T. Mitzenmacher, Daniel Pearson, Jeffrey P. Taft

Key Considerations When Joining a Blockchain Consortium

USA - April 6 2022 Most blockchain technologies are developed by foundations or consortia, the members of which are often representatives of the industry hoping to…

Matthew G. Marvin, Oliver Yaros

2021 Trends for Technology Transactions

USA - January 7 2021 2020 was a year of rapid digital transformation and an inflection point for many long-running trends in data, digital, outsourcing and software…

Marina G. Aronchik, Julian M. Dibbell, Rebecca S. Eisner, Rohith P. George, Brad L. Peterson, Lei Shen