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COVID-19 and Corporate Governance: Key Issues for Public Company Directors

USA - April 14 2020 For almost all U.S. public companies, COVID-19 has created unique and very profound challenges. For the board of directors, which is charged with…

Andrew J. Noreuil, Paul P. Chen, Cade M. Cross, Debra Hoffman, William R. Kucera

Activism and the Outbreak: How Activist Investors—and the Companies They Target—May Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

USA - March 31 2020 M&A partners Joseph Castelluccio, Nina Flax, Andrew Noreuil, Jodi Simala, and associate Laura McKenzie highlight how the pandemic is impacting…

Andrew J. Noreuil, Joseph A. Castelluccio, Nina L. Flax, Laura K. McKenzie

COVID-19: SEC Disclosures and Related Ramifications

USA - March 17 2020 In addition to a host of significant general business concerns, such as those relating to liquidity and financing opportunities, revenues, supply…

Elizabeth A. Raymond, Jennifer J. Carlson, Michael L. Hermsen, Robert F. Gray, Jr., Phyllis G. Korff, Anna T. Pinedo, Laura D. Richman

COVID-19 Virus: Considerations in US M&A Transactions

USA - March 10 2020 The migration of COVID-19 (the “outbreak”) from Asia to over 100 countries (as of March 10, 2020) is impacting financial markets, international trade…

Ameer I. Ahmad, Stefania Alessi, Joseph A. Castelluccio, Marc E. M. Harrison, William R. Kucera

Mitigating the Impact of a Material Weakness on the Election of Directors

USA - March 28 2019 Where companies have disclosed repeated or ongoing material weaknesses in internal controls over financial reporting, or where a company’s first…

David S. Bakst, Edward S. Best, Candace R. Jackson, Robert F. Gray, Jr., Laura D. Richman