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CFPB Releases New Version of Model FCRA Summary of Rights Form

USA - October 23 2018 The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ("CFPB") has issued an updated "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" model form…

John Zaimes, Ruth Zadikany

Hong Kong Legislation on Significant Controllers Register to Take Effect in March 2018

Hong Kong - January 26 2018 The Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017, which mandates Hong Kong-incorporated companies to keep a Significant Controllers Register (SCR) was passed on 24…

Jeckle Chiu

Hong Kong’s First Bill on Register of Significant Controllers

Hong Kong - July 4 2017 The Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017 ("Bill") which requires Hong Kong companies to keep and maintain a register of significant controllers ("SC…

Jeckle Chiu

Seven changes to be aware of in relation to the new IPO Sponsor Regulatory Regime

Hong Kong - August 12 2013 A material milestone of the Hong Kong IPO process – the new IPO sponsor regulatory regime (the "New Sponsor Regime") – will be implemented on 1…

James M. Fong, Juliana M.S. Lee