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Seven changes to be aware of in relation to the new IPO Sponsor Regulatory Regime

Hong Kong - August 12 2013 A material milestone of the Hong Kong IPO process – the new IPO sponsor regulatory regime (the "New Sponsor Regime") – will be implemented on 1…

Jeremy C. Y. Hsu, Juliana M.S. Lee


Hong Kong - June 20 2013 B股转为H股并以介绍方式将H股上市:香港交易所于2013年3月8日刊发一则上市决策,议决:(a)可接纳一家在中国上市的公司拟将其全部B股转为H股并以介绍方式将H股在香港交易所上市,及(b)给予上市申请人所要求的豁免。…

Jeckle Chiu

Capital markets quarterly update (January to March 2013)

Hong Kong - May 22 2013 This quarterly update (January to March 2013) highlights recent developments in Hong Kong capital markets practices: Topical Issues Conversion of B…

Jeckle Chiu

Cornerstone investors - a guaranteed allocation of shares is all you can get

Hong Kong - March 7 2013 It is not uncommon for Hong Kong IPOs, especially in difficult market conditions, to invite cornerstone investors such as well-known institutions…

Juliana M.S. Lee

Capital markets quarterly update (October to December 2012)

Hong Kong - January 31 2013 On 12 December 2012, SFC published its “Consultation Conclusions on the regulation of IPO sponsors” (Sponsor Consultation Conclusions) to confirm…

Jeckle Chiu